Farming and Agricultural Industry

The 3i Electrical team are locally grown people. We know how important the Farming and Agricultural industry is to our community.

Farm Sheds

Housing your farming equipment or expanding the shed for more room?

Why not discuss your new shed or expansion options with our experienced team. Together, we can look at reducing your overall costs with solar options… Skip to our solar page for more information on installing solar to not only help your pocket, but looking after the environment.

Irrigation & pump sheds

No matter the location or the size of your irrigation or pump shed. Your electrical needs can be met by the 3i Electrical team. Being raised locally, we know that farming pump sheds can literally be in the middle of no where. Our team are equipped with the right vehicles and tools to service your electrical needs, no matter where you are.

We aren’t afraid of getting out and dirty. Our friendly team are supporters of the agriculture and farming industry and enjoy getting out and working with the local farmers.

Automated Irrigation Systems

The farming and agricultural industry are advancing into the technological era. These advancements enhance existing farming practices increasing production and quality of products. Other benefits include improving the quality of life for farm workers in minimising time consuming tasks at any hour of the day and night.

Using automated systems allows farmers to monitor and control the many aspects involved with crop irrigation and production. 3i Electrical can assist with the implementation, servicing and repair of your electrical and automation systems.

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